Luxury Silk Scarves

Tropical Wild Red Scarf

£ 145.00 
This luxury silk scarf features red and hot orange. An essential complement to any wardrobe it will be a perfect finishing piece to any work outfit or casual outfit. Colours that match this scarf: neutral wardrobe including colours like, an almond beige, mild grey, cream and black along with more striking monochromatic outfits with deep olive tones or navy blue. Stand out from the crowd in your Tropical Wild Red scarf. Words from the Artist This was a peek into my idealistic jungle. I wanted the birds to be a main feature in this artwork as they are an ever present part of Caribbean chatter. The spectacular Toucan with its unique features is a favourite of mine, they are stunning, however there is a great demand for them in the exotic pet world and many perish due to unqualified traders. Fortunately there are organisations striving to prevent this. Let's all do our part and increase awareness.
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