Luxury Silk Scarves

Don't you think that silk scarves feel amazing?

We love the feel of silk, and if you're here, chances are you do too.
Every scarf begins its life as a hand drawn piece of art and each drawing has been inspired by animals, plant life and nature in all her different forms.

Each design has it's own story.

Our scarves are designed to make the owner feel that they are wrapped in something beautiful, unusual and unique.

Meet Adele.

Adele Pearce is the founder of Stole & Boa and the creator of the artwork on Stole & Boa scarves. She is passionate about being aware of the beauty in animals, nature and its elements in all their forms. Her work is unpredictable and refreshing and she is constantly finding new subjects to peak her interest. Adele has an exciting mixture of cultures which has influenced her creativity. Even though she was born in the leafy suburbs of Chiswick, in London she spent periods of her life living in the warmth of the Caribbean.

The Stole & Boa universe

Stole & Boa scarves provide inspiration and confidence to the owner. Allowing you to don spectacular style no matter the occasion.
Stole & Boa knows that these scarves can draw attention to the spectacular beauty and indeed rarity of the nature surrounding us. This is reflected in each design, capturing the flavour and vibrancy of nature.
Stole & Boa works with high quality materials and is constantly working to ensure improvements are made to the production process that allow our scarves to pave the way to a better future and be part of the solution, not the problem.

Meet our scarves

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